SKU: GR22-02

Weightlifting shoes Girevoy

Recommended for
Kettlebell training

Also suitable for

Main features
A new model with a modern design.
Wide strong strap for better hold of the foot.
Heeled non marking outsole with SPP system has a hard insert.
New anatomical last was created on a base anthropometric data of the athletes.
Semi high upper construction with one belt provides better flexibility and move control. It is made of quality synthetic materials and mesh.

Modern asymmetrical outsole was especially created for kettlebell training and has an original design with foot support.
SABO Girevoy was re-developed with the participation of trainers and athletes. It has a high silhouette and specific construction for secure and free movement of the feet.
The last of the model has a wider volume unlike other shoes in the market.
The components and the construction of the shoes designed to reach the best weight distribution.
Metal eyelets for the strap and laces to ease the fixing.
Modern look.

New weightlifting shoes for kettlebell training SABO Girevoy. This is the first specialized shoes that designed for kettlebell training and may be successfully used for other weightlifting disciplines. SABO Girevoy  is the best choice for a kettlebell training and also a good alternative for many weightlifting shoes.

Recommendations for care
Recommended operating conditions - air temperature from +10 to +25
No drying on the battery
Care - Remove dirt with a soft brush, special care liquids

Only full sizes (no halves)
Size range - RUS 34-47