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Powerlifting shoes Goodlift Classic

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Main features
Non marking outsole has a minimal thickness. It features a specific pattern and a board for extra support.
Wide strong strap for reliable hold of the foot.
Wide anatomical last has an additional volume to raise the comfort and for better weight distribution.
Classical construction with the strong strap, the loop for easy putting on, made of natural leather.

The outsole has designed exactly for powerlifting. It has a minimal thickness.
Classical upper construction, natural leather and quality components make the whole construction durable.
Wide last creates a comfort and lets the weight distribute better.
The materials of the outsole, the pattern and the geometry of it designed to provide effective work of the shoes.
Metal eyelets for the belt and laces to ease the fixing.
Classic look.

SABO Goodlift Classic presents a new class of shoes for powerlifting for those who prefer the minimal heel height in all the disciplines.
There are some different schools of training the athletes. SABO has created the new specialized professional model without heel that we recommend for deadlifting, squat and bench lifting. The outsole with the minimal thickness and the specific pattern was designed specially for this model. The material of the outsole gives the good traction to the floor.
Specialized shoes for powerlifting is one of the most important kind of equipment. It lets minimize the risk of injury and helps to increase the results and safety of the training.


Recommendations for care
Recommended operating conditions - air temperature from +10 to +25
No drying on the battery
Care - Remove dirt with a soft brush, special care liquids for natural leather

Only full sizes (no halves)
Size range - RUS 36-46