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Weightlifting shoes Gym black

Recommended for

Also suitable for
Kettlebell training

Main features
Renewed modern look.
An anatomically optimized design of the last using anthropometric measurements of athletes.
Innovative sole specifically designed for working with heavy weights.
Improved upper construction using a combination of natural and synthetic materials, providing maximum support for the foot and maximum stability for the ankle.

Designed specifically for weightlifting these shoes improve lifting performance and safety.
Compared to western shoe models, these shoes are not as narrow and have more volume.
Unique GYM outsole is made of a high density material which guarantees an even distribution of weight and good traction with the floor.
Thoroughly tested upper materials to maximize comfort, safety and durability.
Available in a wide range of sizes.
Attractive look.

Basic weightlifting shoes for powerlifting and kettlebell training SABO Gym black is the renewed version of popular model.

Recommendations for care
Recommended operating conditions - air temperature from +10 to +25
No drying on the battery
Care - Remove dirt with a soft brush, special care liquids

Only full sizes (no halves)
Size range - RUS 34-47