SABOSPORTS: Vegan Friendly

It would seem: how do the sports shoes relate to veganism? But today, more and more athletes, both beginners and established professionals, share a responsible attitude to the world around them.

That's why it's important to say: SABOSPORTS don't use animal based materials at all. Only the artificial, including glues, threads, outsole components.

What we do use are:
* artificial leather
* synthetic suede
* synthetic mesh
* thermo elastoplast and its types
* synthetic laces
* metal eyelets and components
* man made foams
* only synthetic glues (no animal component included)

So in case it's important for you to use things with no animal based materials — take a look at SABOSPORTS shoes.

Our friends from Athlegan.com have published an article about how to choose vegan shoes:

Read their guide and choose your pair.