What is the right equipment

The results of an elite athlete depend on many things. Things such as the athlete’s current physical condition, the organization of their training process, food and nutrition, the rhythm of their sleep and of course, their equipment. All aspects should be optimized as much as possible for the best outcome. The best way to achieve the best results is to follow a scientific method, work with an experienced and wise coach, have a training plan and choose equipment carefully. All start with the setting of goals.

Where does equipment selection fit in achieving the athlete’s goals? Yes, it is an important part of any sport activity. There's no doubt a runner needs a special type of shoes for different terrains. The same for any sport. The equipment will make an effect on comfort, the decrease of the injury risk, the progress and success in training, admission to competition, technique of the exercise and more. Together with the training schedule, food, and psychological therapy, well chosen equipment helps the athlete on the way to good results. Most powerlifters know about the importance of having a high quality belt, socks, and singlet. And a well selected pair of shoes is the same essential piece of equipment.

The shoe is what the athlete stands on, the bridge between body, barbell and the floor. Shoes accept the weight, distribute it, support the body, provide grip with the ground. The whole body depend on the feet, the comfort or discomfort the shoes create. Is it important? Yes, of course.

Some people say buying a good piece of equipment brings an instant increase in results. Common sense dictates that everything is individual. Every athlete is on his/her own level, own physiology, preferences etc. It is hard to predict if and how the new equipment will work for the individual athlete. We suppose there's a need to try different equipment, choose the apparel carefully and according to the actual goals. But this doesn't mean the first try of any new piece of equipment makes you feel good. If you previously used a completely different piece of equipment, you will need time to get used to the new one. Probably the new equipment will make you change your technique, requiring you to spend some time getting used to the new possibilities the new equipment may provide.

The body of the athlete changes throughout their sports career. Changing the training regime, moving to a new level, to another category, changing bodyweight or the weight of the barbell. So the equipment should change. Obviously, the rookie and the veteran may need different things. So we suggest looking at equipment according to your current goals and a little bit for a new perspective. Once a change is close, or as new products release to the market, as the weight being lifted is getting more heavy, as the athlete starts to understand what is needed exactly, a new piece of equipment is bought.

So is the right equipment what you exactly need right now? In some periods you'll need something different. What is the right equipment? This is what suits you and your needs right here and right now to achieve today’s goals. Tomorrow your goals will change and then the equipment you need will change.

The right equipment is not the most expensive or the cheapest, not the most attractive looking. Every athlete needs a pair of shoes selected to match his personal requirements the best way. The right shoe will mean the most well engineered, quality made, well selected to a certain person. Such a shoe will make training easier and more safe and will assist in getting the goals you set.